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Reliability Program Webinar

Purpose, Opportunity and Implementation of a successful Reliability Program

Welcome to the next step in your reliability training toward becoming a Reliability Specialist and Facilitator. The Reliability Program Webinar is a one hour webinar which will explain reliability practices including criticality issues, various reliability centered maintenance (RCM) models for optimization, deployment and successful implementation strategies.

Your business depends on reliable physical assets if they do what you want them to do, at sustainable and high levels of performance. But how do you achieve that? Good reliability management is a necessary element that provides a cheaper, safer and less harmful to run well and produce good quality outputs.

James Reyes-Picknell will teach you how to create a successful reliability program by incorporating critical maintenance prerequisites such as good planning, scheduling and work management practices as well as follow-up on proactive maintenance methods. ENROLL NOW.

Conscious Asset has developed a comprehensive training program combining online and instructor-led training components. After completing this webinar, your next step is to enroll for the "Reliability Fundamentals Workshop", a four course training series in the specifics that compose a good reliability program.

Please contact us to discuss your next steps by taking the Reliability Practitioner Workshop and the Advanced Reliability Methods program, instructor-led training.

Your Instructor

James Reyes-Picknell
James Reyes-Picknell

James Reyes-Picknell specializes in management of maintenance and physical assets for facilities, plant and fleet equipment, reliability improvement for physical assets and asset management strategy and implementation techniques.

James is the best-selling author of "Uptime: Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management, 3rd edition. James is regularly published in several books and magazines. He is a teacher, trainer, speaker and management consultant who focuses on delivering improved equipment availability, increased productivity, lower costs, improved safety and risk management performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a certificate at the end of this course?
No. Certification is only earned after completing the Reliability Facilitator level of the Conscious Asset Reliability Program. Your next step toward certification is to enroll in the 'Reliability Fundamentals Workshop, a four course series for $399. Following that, there is a two (2) day on-site analyst training course. Facilitators must be mentored through two (2) complete analyses before becoming eligible for certification.
May multiple people take this course using one enrollment fee?
Multiple people may view this course, however, only one quiz may be taken and will be registered to the enrolled student's account. Each student must enroll so that their quiz results are acknowledged as their own prerequisite for additional courses in the Conscious Asset Reliability certification process.
How long do I have access to this course?
Once you have enrolled, you have unlimited access to the course content - across all of your devices. The quiz can only be accessed by the student's account that enrolled in the course.

Thank you for participating in the 'Reliability Program Webinar'. The next phase of your reliability training is to enroll in the “Reliability Fundamentals Workshop". This training consists of four, approximately one hour courses, with quizzes at the end of each segment.

Once you have completed the online training, the Reliability Centered Maintenance Workshop is a two (2) day course taught on-site at your facility.

Please visit the corporate website at www.consciousasset.com to learn more and how to arrange enrollment in the next course offerings.

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